Sep 28, 2011

Daughter and the iPad

Daughter and the iPad by garrisu
Daughter and the iPad, a photo by garrisu on Flickr.

Our daughter loves the iPad. At the age of 2, she was able to maneuver through an iPhone. At 3, she became an iPad expert. And at 4, was given an iTouch as a birthday gift--which the Hubby and I promptly locked away.

We are a long ways from the good old days of Teddy Ruxpin and the Fisher-Price storybook cassette player. Devices that didn't instantly connect a child to the great world wide web, a myriad of apps and networks.

Already an active media user, she has benefited from the educational content that these technologies offer. But in our household, her iPad/iPhone/iTouch sessions are done in a supervised environment and limited to half an hour.

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