Jun 8, 2011

Springing and Sinking into Motherhood

I place my hand on my sister’s pregnant belly.

My niece/nephew’s kicks instantly transport me to my pregnancy days—of utter excitement—when I first felt my baby’s movements—and heartbreaking fear—of the seemingly impossible task ahead.

I offer countless pointers—on baby slings and baby toys, from breastfeeding to tummy-time. I recount the first time I held her, when our eyes met, my awe as she hit each milestone.

  Photo by Gonzalo Merat used with Creative Commons license.
Our conversation sinks into murky territories surrounding messes, frustrations and fatigue. Determined to dispel myths about motherhood, I ineptly end up shattering her expectant spirits. Sharing is now scaring and I stop.

Motherhood has been a springboard. I am grateful to have taken that exhilarating jump, proud to break ground, and humbled when I open my eyes and run out of air.

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